Can Mycodo be operated offline?

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I installed Mycodo on a Raspi 4. It shows me analog voltages from a sensor collected via a Waveshare AD/DA 1256 board on a dashboard. This works well as long as in the house where Wi-Fi is available. If I take it to the garden, Wi-Fi signal is lost and the browser Chromium) tells me „ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED“.

Is there a configuration possible that allows an operation of the system without internet connection?

As far as I understood the manual Mycodo uses a local host and does not need a connection for operation?

Any idea?

Thanks to all reading this question.

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You will face two issues without a network (and internet):

  1. The Pi will not be able to set its clock to the proper time. Since the Pi does not have a real tie clock, it will not be able to restore the time after a reboot and thus will not be able to record the correct timestamp for measurements and there may be SSL certificate errors as a result of the wrong time. You may not notice issues at first, but there exists a chance that the time gets reset to a period that it has already recorded measurements to, causing a reading of measurements that were previously recorded in the past but are now being re-read as the present due to the time being incorrect. This can be disastrous if your measurements are being used for any crucial system, like growing plants or keeping animals alive. If it is, do not ever let the Pi use the wrong time.

  2. You cannot connect to it. This should be obvious, if there is no network, you cannot connect to it.

You can solve this by:

  1. Add a Real Time Clock.

  2. Make the Pi broadcast a WiFi hotspot that you can connect to, allowing it to host its own network. RaspAP is a beginner-friendly system to enable a n access point, but you might experience port conflicts when you install Mycodo (port 80, HTTP), so make sure you set the RaspAP port to something different. There are also more basic configurations (you won’t use 95% of what RaspAP offers), such as wifi-ap.