Mycodo on other (non-Pi) Single Board Computers?

This topic is a discussion about github issue #983.

What are your thoughts about expanding support for other SBCs, such as banana pi, beagle, etc.?

It would expand the hardware Mycodo could run on but also introduce potential compatibility and diagnostic issues. The main changes would be removing a dependency on RPi.GPIO (this can stay in Pi-only Inputs/Outputs) and switching to using Adafruit-Blinka, which supports multiple SBCs (including the Pi). Just this change alone would require significant refactoring. I would be inclined to take the opportunity and go through a major version bump to be able to make some other significant database schema changes I’ve been wanting to do for a while to reduce the complexity of the system. I’ll leave my thiughts at that, because I’d like to hear what you think.

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